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  • Individual Counseling

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    Whether you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, acute stress, or other concerns, together we’ll form an evidence-based treatment plan to help reduce symptoms and get you back to where you were and beyond.

    Psychotherapy and counseling are effective treatments for many mental health conditions and are shown by research to have a powerful effect on mood, healthy brain changes associated with symptom reduction, and positive outcomes for a wide variety of presenting concerns.

    What kind of issues or concerns do you see and treat?

    ·      Anger management

    ·      Anxiety

    ·      Behavioral issues

    ·      Child and Adolescent

    ·      Depression

    ·      Men’s issues

    ·      OCD

    ·      Panic disorder

    ·      Parenting

    ·      Personality disorders

    ·      PTSD and trauma

    ·      Relationship concerns

    ·      Spirituality/Religious issues

    ·      Stress

    Check out the American Psychological Association’s summary about the effectiveness of counseling and psychotherapy here.